the Spirits of the Forest

street theater

Stilt walker in Toulouse, in Haute Garonne (31) and Occitania, Les Vaguabondes offer live shows

The live show and the stilt walkers animations are ideal for all occasions: a birthday party at home, a wedding, an event, a show, a Christmas tree for a works council (CE) or a Christmas show animation, a baptism but also for a Halloween party, a fair, a carnival, a commercial animation… everything is possible!

In a flash, the Vaguabondes company offers a whole universe of characters that will amaze young and old alike

Soft music and drums sound, laughter and birdsong can be heard in the distanceSmall joyful and mischievous beings invade your cities and your countrysideMischievous, playful and dreamy, they come to magnify Mother Nature during one of their murmuringsArriving from the forest of Aokigahara, they come to meet the humans to learn to discover them… Sugu ni kaiki nisshoku o sengen suru


Spectacular musical show with acrobatic stilt walkers and jugglers of branches and translucent fruitsDaytime or nighttime / 30 minutes / 6 to 8 artists​


spectacle de rue intéractif les esprits de la forêtLes Esprits de la Forêt


Japan for Hermes stores during Christmas time,  children’s reading sharjah festival U.A.E ,